What's Available

This page is updated on a weekly basis and is an accurate showing of our current inventory on-hand. Should you require further information for pricing, delivery and pick-up options- contact: jaime@greenhavenimports.com

Please note that unless specified- all sacks are 150lbs and include Grain Pro inserts; Vac Pack come in 75 lb packages.

La Esperanza 2019 Harvest

Producer: Armando Zeledon

1 Sack

Ojo de Agua 2019 Harvest

Producer: Danilo Gonzalez

Sold Out

San Ramon 2019 Harvest

Producer: Donald Roque

32 Sacks

Micro Lot El Volcan 2019 Harvest

Producer: Donald Roque

19 Sacks

El Paraiso 2019 Harvest

13 Sacks


La Bendicion Pacamara (Honey Process)

7 Sacks (45 KG’s)

Un Regalo (Washed) 2019 Harvest

11 Sacks (45 KG’s)


El Cipres 2019 Harvest

15 Sacks

La Bendicion(H3 Honey) 2019 Harvest

2 Sacks (45KG's)


Brazil El Dorado 2019

30 sacks (30 KG's)

La Bendicion Pacamara (Natural Process) 2019 Harvest

10 Sacks (45 KG’s)

La GuadalupanA

130 sacks