San Ramon

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Micro Lot “El Volcan”


Since purchasing his first coffee farm and naming it “San Ramon”, in honour of his late father- Donal Roque has made it his personal mission and lifelong dream to cultivate outstanding coffees while setting the footprint of success for his children and grandchildren. 

With the towering mountain ranges in the distance, “San Ramon” is situated in a diverse and pristine ecosystem that encompasses and flourishes within all 57.75 hectares of its territory. The wide array of floral species is something that Donal has preserved and integrated adjunctly with the surrounding ecosystem.

For over 25 years, Donal has slowly and steadily been sophisticating the washing and milling of his coffees. Currently he is using an ecological wet mill that recycles water used from depulping during the production day. This, along with his use of superior coffee varietals such as Pacamara, Maragoype & Red/Yellow Catuai has enabled him to supersede even his most optimistic initial aspirations.

 Apart from his extraordinary coffee production- Donal also extends philanthropic assistance to his community. The Roque family regularly provide medication to the local medical clinics and year long supplies to the local elementary school in the “Volcan” community. Señor Roque is not only an ambassador of fine specialty Nicaraguan coffee, but more importantly, embodies the spirit of collaboration, transparency and ingenuity that we’ve long sought and admired form our producer partners.