Coffee lies at the nexus of Nicaraguan life. It occupies a place at every time of day, is found in every setting and scene, and provides connection between family and friends - for the very rustic and the very cosmopolitan alike. 

Green Haven Imports invites you to join us at that nexus. Follow along with our coffee representative as he tours Nicaragua visiting the estates of our suppliers where you will meet the scions of families for whom coffee growing is the work not merely of cultivators, but artisans. You will be welcomed into their homes and farms as we are, and see firsthand the dedication and expertise that goes into providing the very best coffee possible to our clients. This is not merely a trip to the source of our product, but to the source of our passion.

The experience of Nicaragua through the eyes of a coffee professional is not limited to the estates of our suppliers however – in context there is greater meaning. From the micro lots nestled high in the majestic mountains of northern Nicaragua, you will meander through gorgeous rainforests to lakes and volcanoes, and be exposed to the very elements that themselves make this part of the world unique and beautiful. From rustic to cosmopolitan once again, you will travel to the Colonial cities of Léon and Granada, where you will enjoy local cuisines, music, and shopping as our travelling partner.

The Important Details

Alongside our experienced Green Haven representative, you will visits our friends, suppliers and other points of connection in Nicaragua. We will try to maximize your comfort as part of our small group, and to make the experience as personal and interactive as possible. It should be noted that Green Haven Coffee is not offering this opportunity as a tour operator, but rather as the chance to encounter Nicaragua as we see it, from the perspective of coffee enthusiasts with roots and relationships in the country.

Regarding Flights

Flights are to be booked individually by group members themselves. All such flights should arrive at Augusto C. Sandino (Managua) International Airport (MGA). IT IS OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE that you inform us of the time of your departure flight from Managua well in advance. This way we can make the necessary transportation arrangements to ensure that you arrive at the airport with adequate time, as some airlines depart much earlier than others.

Upon confirmation of your booking, we will require your signature for a travel waiver.

Based solely on our experience with the various airlines, we recommend Avianca as a means of avoiding unnecessary transfers and line delays for U.S. Customs at connection points. However, it should be noted that this recommendation should in no way be considered an endorsement of one airline carrier over another by Green Haven Coffee.

Important Note:
Green Haven Coffee is not a tour operator, and as such offers this package as an opportunity to see Nicaragua, its people and culture from our perspective as coffee professionals. Join us and experience Nicaragua not as a tourist, but as a travelling partner and friend.

Cancellation Policy

We structure our cancellation policy as a courtesy to those friends and business owners who extend us their hospitality while visiting. partners who may or may not have required advance payments and deposits for services the group might have used while in Nicaragua. Refunds for client deposits and payments are issued on the following schedule:

  • Client bookings are refunded 100% of deposits/payments if cancelled 30 or more days in advance of departure.
  • Client bookings are refunded 75% of deposits/payments if cancelled less than 30 days, but more than 15 days, in advance of departure.
  • Client bookings cancelled less than 14 days in advance of departure are refunded 50% of all deposits/payments.
  • If Green Haven Imports cancels the excursion, a full (100%) of all deposits/payments will be returned to the client, regardless of any pre-departure date.

Note that clients who have booked directly with airlines and other service providers must abide by that provider’s contract stipulations regarding cancellations and refunds. Green Haven Imports is unable to influence such policies.  

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the Cancellation Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that all travelers must sign a waiver form a few weeks before leaving on their trip.

Any further questions regarding the estate we’ll be visiting or other locations, please do not hesitate in contacting us via phone or preferably E-mail.