La Uniun


La Uniun

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  • Coffee Producer: Danilo Alfaro
  • Region/Altitude: 1500M
  • Varietals: Caturra
  • Processing: Wet-wash, patio dry, zero-defect SHG

The coffee of La Uniun, the estate at Don Danilo Alfaro, represents the cultivation of the Caturra varietal at its finest. The estate is located at an ideal elevation of 1500 metres in the highlands of the renowned Dipilto region, and yields a superior coffee that consistently scores well in cupping and in competition. While sons Christian and Andy study agriculture at the post-secondary level,
Don Danilo oversees production, backed by generations of family coffee-growing experience and artisanal wisdom. We are proud to offer the coffee of La Uniun to the Canadian market, and to support the Alfaro family as partners today, and as partners for a successful future as well.

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