It is our privilege to once again be working with Sr. Danilo Gonzalez. This is Green Haven Coffees’ third successive year of representing Sr. Gonzalez. Danilo’s estate (Ojo de Agia) is Ideally located at 950-1000 meters above sea level; Ojo de Agua  has operated under three generations of coffee producers. Coffee cultivation permeates throughout the household and is truly a part of everyday living, where the children and grand-children are raised and bear witness to the labour and passion that goes into producing specialty coffee. This coffee adheres to the highest coffee growing and producing standards within the specialty market. Danilo is a two-time Cup of Excellence finalist and has a long-standing reputation as one of the premier coffee growers in the San Juan Del Rio Coco region; as well as being a strong advocate of organic modes of production. He sees this as the only way of preserving and caring for the land that supplies the raw material to grow and cultivate exceptional coffee- one that will undoubtedly benefit the local community and Danilo’s own family in the years to come.