2019 Nicaraguan Micro Lots Now Available 

It is with great excitement that we proudly offer these Direct Trade, sustainably sourced, and carefully selected micro lots.


Boutique importer of excellent Nicaraguan micro-lot coffees.

Green Haven Imports is a boutique importer of specialty Nicaraguan micro-lot coffees, as well as select Brazilian Estates- all sourced from some of the finest growers and cultivators in each country. Our portfolio includes Cup of Excellence finalists and award-winners, as well as artisans whose relentless pursuit of enhanced cup quality continues to lead to better, more responsible techniques for growing and processing. We take pride in our direct-trade relationships with these artisans, and are active in our support of ethical and transparent cultivation techniques, as well as fair labour practices. 


The Exotics Series.

Throughout our coffee sourcing travels, we sometimes unknowingly, or unexpectedly find truly breathtaking coffee lots that leave our taste palates in awe and wonderment. In our exotics offerings- we invite you to pique your curiosity and discover these exquisite and limited micro lots. We hope to showcase the dedication and ingenuity that goes into cultivating such delightful coffees. Each of these lots has been carefully curated per harvest and are offered in limited quantities- to learn more click on link.


Adopt a microlot in Nicaragua.

Our greatest strength lies in the relationships we build with each individual coffee grower, an advantage that means we are as invested in their success as we are in our own. You will now be able to invest personally in a micro-lot of their choosing with exclusive access to each harvest, as well as influence the direction of a portion of your investment, whether for the digging of a new well on the property, or in the purchase of textbooks for the community schools.


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