El Paraiso

El Paraiso.png

Since his days as a young boy on his grandfather’s coffee estate “Los Delirios”, Norman Canales was always very keen to spend as much time as possible observing the rigours of coffee production- firsthand. These experiences from his youth became influential in his love of coffee cultivation and production. 

After winning the inaugural Cup of Excellence in Nicaragua in 2004, the Canales Family have been at the forefront of specialty coffee production in Nicaragua. Norman has taken the lessons of his forebears-  and applied it meticulously into perfecting traditional coffee growing techniques. His approach to the coffee itself is the adaptation of tradition to modern innovation, which has resulted in truly exceptional cup profiles.

This year he has successfully experimented with submerged fermentation in a shallow tank. This experiment has added more depth and a more unique profile to his already excellent coffee. We are proud to have participated in this experiment with Norman since early in the trial phase, and are beyond honoured that we are the sole supplier of this micro lot in North America. Working with Norman has invigorated our enthusiasm for coffee experimentation, and has elicited unparalleled excitement for the future of Direct trade as a form of collaboration towards prolonged sustainability.


El Cipres

El Cipres.png

During one of our visits to Los Delerios, 3 years ago; we took up an offer to visit Donald Canales' (youngest of the Canales' brothers ) farm, which he had recently purchased. His enthusiasm and excitement was contagious as he showcased his nursery for a new micro lot that would be his personal project. The hard and ongoing work was noticeable with all of the cleaning and planting of the coffees. All of the experience gained while working for his father & then being mentored by his older brothers' paved the way for his need to experiment and try to grow new varietals he had never worked with before. We told him then that once he had the first harvest ready of "El Cipres"  we would want the chance to sample it.


This past winter during a blind cupping session, we immediately we're impressed by a particular coffee on the table, which ended up being "El Cipres"- Donald reminded us of this visit and we knew then that our kinship to this lot was meant to be. We are excited to offer this new  microlot from Donald, which has only further strengthened our relationship with the entire Canales family. Donald represents a new generation of conscientious, innovative and laborious producers, that further excites and propels us for future collaborations.