La Guadalupana.png

Rene Tinoco’s involvement in coffee spans over 30 years: since his early beginnings as a worker at a coffee drying patio to the moment he was able to purchase “La Guadalupana.” The devotion to his craft and contributions to his community are second to none in the coffee-producing region of San Juan Del Rio Coco.

Something that Rene credits to his longevity and sustained growth is his ability to adapt to the changes and challenges surrounding him. Never was this belief more relevant than when La Roya devastated many coffee estates near his region. After having forecasted the impending crisis that was about to affect the area, Rene had already begun experimenting with hybrid varietals that were being introduced to the region; such as, Catimor, H1 amongst others. The one that stood out for Rene was the Marsellesa hybrid varietal. The consistency of the cup and its high production yields convinced him to continue developing it until he was fully satisfied with the end product.

During the last two years, we’ve been fortunate to have expanded our working relationship with Rene and have seen firsthand the consistency and quality of his coffees during our evaluation phase. In addition to quality, we’ve been updated with new processes and technical practices that have been implemented. One such case is how the Rene has moved away from using any plastic in the planting of his plants, but rather is using recyclable material, which aligns with our belief and support in ecological sustainability, as well as, direct and transparent trade relationships. This ongoing level of communication and partnership is something that we highly value.

We are excited to embark in a new working relationship with an experienced and reliable producer like Rene, whose coffees are sure to become a favourite and accessible offering within the Green Haven family of collaborators.