La Esperanza is a farm that is operated and owned by Armando Zeledon. This estate was inherited from Armando’s father during the peak of the Iran-Contra conflict and was in an abandoned state. Armando made it  his mission to rebuild the farm and plant entire new lots and take advantage of the ideal growing conditions  surrounding him. Armando has twice been a finalist in the Cup of Excellence competition and has built a reputation as one of the top coffee producers in terms of quality in the San Juan Del Rio Coco region. This estate uses traditional washing methods and Armando personally supervises the picking to ensure only the ripest cherries are picked; nothing is left to chance under his dutiful eye. La Esperanza represents the past, present and future for Armando and his family. In addition to growing exceptional coffee, Armando is also a leader in his community and has done many philanthropic acts to aid in the well-being and development of the local rural community such as, building a well and donating land for cultivation of vegetables and fruits. Green Haven coffee is proud to be working with such a well -regarded and influential leader in his community.