Our greatest strength lies in the relationships we build with each individual coffee grower, an advantage that means we are as invested in their success as we are in our own. This investment benefits everyone, closing the gap between client and producer, and now we would like to extend that advantage a little further, a way to exercise the most fundamental principles of direct trade.

Through Green Haven Imports our clients will now be able to invest personally in a micro-lot of their choosing with exclusive access to each harvest. In addition, the client will have a voice in the direction of a portion of their investment, whether for the digging of a new well on the property, or in the purchase of textbooks for the community schools.




Sole and exclusive access to the coffee harvests of the micro-lot of their choosing(Note: this can vary based on your region or location)


Role in the continuous improvement of the production process that guarantees the finest quality possible


New level of engagement providing true transparency between producer and consumer


Opportunity to improve quality of life at the site of your investment

Green Haven Imports is pleased to offer this as a new expression of the responsible business model we have upheld from the beginning. We hope to lead by example to a better, sustainable coffee industry that values the people as much as the product. Take with us this new step in the evolution of the ethical supply chain, one that replaces the impersonal transaction with forward-thinking collaboration.

This is the ultimate goal of the direct trade philosophy; to support, maintain, and improve the integrity of the source and the well-being of the people whose work provides the world with fine and excellent coffee.